19th March 2024

HOT DINNERS: London pubs with great upstairs dining rooms

‘Upstairs in Bistro Bleu Lorraine-born Head Chef Bernard Dumonteil turns out perfectly executed French classics like Provencal fish soup or tartlet of Burgunday escargots.’

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18th March 2024

BELLE ABOUT TOWN: Bistro Bleu Brings French Dining To Bloomsbury

‘As an accordion’s tone murmured from the speakers, and raindrops outside the window shimmered and sparkled under the glow of a nearby streetlight, the ambience of Bloomsbury’s Bistro Bleu on a blustery February evening perfectly matched the ‘stranded in a Paris café’ vibe we had hoped for.’

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24th February 2024

LONDON UNATTACHED: A Classic Roast at an Excellent Price

‘it’s the kind of place I’d like as my own local – and the kind of place I can happily recommend to anyone in London looking for a well-priced Sunday lunch.’

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23rd February 2024

THATS UP: Celebrate Mother's Day with flowers and a roast at this Bloomsbury spot

‘Treat your mum to a scrumptious Sunday roast at the pub’s French restaurant Bistro Bleu, with options for two or three courses, complete with a complimentary glass of champagne, and add a stunning Bloomsbury Flowers bouquet to your booking for an extra special touch, which will be ready and waiting at your table.’

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20th February 2024

CITY MATTERS: Food Spots to Try This Month

‘Nestled in central London’s leafy Bloomsbury neighbourhood, the restaurant is everything that you would expect from a classic French bistro.’

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18th January 2024

THE SLICE - METRO: London this week: Balloon Museum, Bistros and Burns Night

‘Bistro Bleu, an enchanting piece of French gastronomy in the heart of London, is one of Bloomsbury’s best-kept secrets. Secluded peacefully above the Rugby Tavern, its mix of gorgeous royal blue walls, walnut wood tables and traditional jazz music playing made this French man feel right at home, transporting me to a charming Parisian bistro. ‘

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16th January 2024

ON IN LONDON: Relaxed Sundays at Rugby Tavern, Holborn

We stopped off at Rugby Tavern, or rather Bistro Bleu, which was the name of the dining space, for a grand five hours in total! Mainly as it was so relaxed, warm and cosy, with the staff welcoming and not pushy.

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15th January 2024

DISHCULT: Where to find the best Sunday roasts in London

‘Take a trip to traditional pub, The Rugby Tavern, and its intimate and chic restaurant, Bistro Bleu, for the new délicieux Sunday lunch. Bringing an inimitable cross-Channel charm to the streets of Bloomsbury, the French inspired bistro, and the cordial British pub it’s sat atop, are both serving up a roast to be remembered. ‘

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27th December 2023

LONDON UNATTACHED: A Cosy Haven for Culinary Delights in Bloomsbury

‘Bistro Bleu is a lovely find that caters to all occasions, be it a swift lunch, a celebratory weekend gathering, or a cosy date night.’

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3rd December 2023

FOODEPEDIA: Bistro Bleu Sunday Lunch

The beef is actually superb… Perfectly tender and packed with flavour. The veg are all flavourful,  the gravy is excellent and there’s just enough of it.

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3rd December 2023

LONDON ECONOMIC: Restaurant review: Bistro Bleu, Bloomsbury

The reputation of Bistro Bleu has been spreading rapidly since it opened in August so a visit was long overdue… This was a very special evening, which delivered on every level. Bistro Bleu is very hard to fault, delivering superb cuisine for very affordable prices in a beautiful environment.

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30th November 2023

SECRET LONDON: 14 Of The Best New Year’s Eve Dinners In London To Ring In 2024

‘Channel your inner Jay Gatsby or Daisy Buchanan as you indulge in a sensational six-course menu, featuring the finest French cuisine.’

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28th November 2023

SECRET LONDON: 23 Wonderful Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2023 In London

‘Party like it’s 1920 at Bloomsbury’s chicest restaurant’

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28th November 2023

ELLE: 38 Of The Coolest London Restaurants For A Culinary Tour Around The World

‘For those looking for an evening getaway to Paris but don’t have the time, or the funds, we have found the next best thing.’

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20th November 2023

THE SYBARITE: 10 Things On Our Radar This Month

‘For an incredibly memorable Sunday lunch experience, Bistro Bleu has combined the craftsmanship of French cuisine with the authentic flavours of a classic, British roast.’

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24th October 2023

NEWS SHOPPER: London's Best Kept Secret

The duck was tender and pink in the middle and the sauce complemented its flavour excellently, both of our mains were a ten out of ten.

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20th October 2023

RAVISH MAG: Sunday Lunch at The Rugby Tavern and Bistro Bleu

‘Bringing an inimitable cross-Channel charm to the streets of Bloomsbury, the French inspired bistro, and the cordial British pub it’s sat atop, are both serving up a roast to be remembered.’

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19th October 2023

SWLONDONER: Bistro Bleu offers authentic and comforting French food

‘The star of the show however, was the grilled beef fillet with roquefort sauce, french fries and a bistro salad. The steak was cooked to perfection and the tangy, saltiness of the roquefort sauce was to die for. The chips and the salad were simple yet delicious, and the dish encompassed everything which is right about French cooking.’

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11th October 2023

HOT DINNERS: Restaurants open for lunch in London on Christmas Day 2023

‘Take to the streets of Bloomsbury this Christmas Day and enjoy a festive feast at the cosy pub’

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3rd October 2023

FOODEPEDIA: A proper French Bistro, well priced and with excellent cooking

‘Now though I’ll be going to the new Bistro Bleu, because I think it’s up there with Henry Harris’s Bouchon Racine, but a great deal cheaper and in a nicer location. Like Racine it’s also over a pub, which is very handy post lunch.’

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14th September 2023

CITY AM: Where can I watch the Rugby World Cup in London?

The Rugby Tavern in Bloomsbury, built upon land gifted by the founder of Rugby School, will, unsurprisingly, be hosting tables for the Rugby World Cup.The pub says they’re showing every game in their bar but the food offering at the establishment has good reviews in its own right.

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12th September 2023

THE TELEGRAPH: Where to watch the Rugby World Cup: the best pubs and bars around the UK

From beer halls to open-air terraces, here are the country’s top venues for a slice of the action.

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8th September 2023

SECRET LONDON: The 22 Most Exciting Places In London To Watch The 2023 Rugby World Cup

With a name like that, can you really afford to watch the rugby anywhere else?

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6th September 2023

SL MAN: What to do this weekend

Prepare for Kick Off. The Rugby World Cup kicks off in Paris on Friday. Our pick of where to watch the action? The Rugby Tavern, a historic pub in Bloomsbury once owned by Lawrence Sheriff, the founder of the prestigious Rugby School – and the birthplace of the sport itself.

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